That Life Bug is A Travel, Food And Mind Blog.
To Inspire, Encourage and Inform you of ways to get out of your comfort zone, eat well, tame your mind and step into your Best Life.

My days are now mostly filled with adventure, travelling wonders, new experiences and perspectives, foodie delights, and a deep sense of happiness, acceptance and appreciation. My mind has not always been my best mate, and discovering what I really want out of life has been a long challenging road at times, but I feel like I’m definitely on the right path now, and I believe that you can too!
My mind moves at a speedy pace, and after visiting 20+ countries, 10 years of on/off travel and living and working abroad I want to share it all with you.

Me and my partner Paul try not to take ourselves or life too seriously- We want this blog to be an authentic and real account showing the roller coaster of living and creating a travelling nomadic lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy exploring the site and are inspired to catch THAT LIFE BUG too!



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